Contact Sensei using the following email address: dbhssensei@gmail.com

Not sure whether to study Japanese or another language?  Having difficulty convincing your parents why you should study Japanese?  Consider reading this presentation: "Why study Japanese?"  (A special thanks to Ambassador John R. Malott for use of this presentation he made to the delegation of Japanese teachers at the 2014 National Japan Bowl!)

Here is Sensei's Story - An Interview that was part of the Summer 2020 "Sensei! Why Japanese?" Project by the Japan Foundation Los Angeles



District & School COVID-19 & E-Learning 2020-2021

For a more complete update on the district's directives and preparations regarding COVID-19, please click hereAll year, BCPS instruction has been conducted through Teams meetings, with work being completed on Canvas; students were required either to "attend" scheduled classes via these Teams meetings on Red Days (Periods 1-4) and Gold Days (Periods 5-8), whether in person at school or remotely at home.

Here is the BCPS Calendar for 2020-2021 (December Update)

Here is the DBHS Red & Gold Calendar for 2020-2021 (March Update - including PSD Cancellations)

FOR THE 2021-2022 School Year, we will return FULLY to in person, classroom instruction.  All students will be required to attend school on location.


***Click on the link for the bell schedule on that day.


6/1 (T) - Gold Day Schedule - Periods 5-8

6/2 (W) - Red Day Schedule - Periods 1-4

6/3 (Th) - Gold Day Schedule - Periods 5-8

6/4 (F) - Final Exam Schedule - Periods 1 & 2 Exams + Periods 3 & 4 Regular Class


***Click on the link for the bell schedule on that day.

6/7 (M) - Final Exam Schedule - Periods 3 & 4 Exams --- Early Dismissal @ 11:40am

6/8 (T) - Final Exam Schedule - Periods 5 & 6 Exams --- Early Dismissal @ 11:40am

6/9 (W) - Final Exam Schedule - Periods 7 & 8 Exams --- Early Dismissal @ 12:11pm

6/10 (Th) - TEACHER PLANNING DAY --- End of 4th Quarter



Japan Club Update

We conducted our last meeting of the academic school year on April 19th, 2021.  We reflected on our meetings from the year and the club officers gave a few words of encouragement to our members.  We also discussed "Farewell" culture in Japan and shared the song, "Ue wo Muite Arukou" to say sayounara for the year.

A special "Sayounara" to our graduating senior members: William Collazo and Aayushi Kini.  Both students have served our club well the last few years, and we thank them for their leadership through this tough school year.  Thank you to all who contributed in the planning and participation in our virtual meetings this year!



Spring 2022 Trip to Japan Update

Planned trip for Spring Break of 2022:  IT'S NOW JUST 9 MONTHS AWAY...It isn't too late to consider traveling with us during spring break of 2022!!!  

Contact Sensei directly to find out more about activities, pricing/payments, and scholarship opportunities.


Kakehashi Project - Summer 2019 - Reports

November 2019:  Kakehashi participants were busy sharing their experiences in Japan in the months after the trip, in an effort to follow through with our After Action Plan.  We discussed our experiences and answered questions about the Japan Trip with students through our Freshman Round Up Orientation in August, through the Japanese classes in Japanese, and through our Japan Club in our most recent meeting on November 4th.  We hope to expand our activities to include a culture day activity with local elementary schools, and possibly even Deerfield Beach Middle.  And we will be hosted Consul General of Japan in Miami on November 26th to discuss our Kakehashi experiences and to develop further projects to promote Japanese cultural learning in our community.  We were honored to have him visit us!

Collazo-sensei thanking Consul General Hirata for his recommendation that Deerfield Beach High School participate in the 2019 Kakehashi Exchange Project

August 2019:  We are proud to have participated in the 2019 Kakehashi Exchange Project sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE).  We traveled to Japan from July 29th through August 6th this summer.  20 students and 5 teachers participated in a series of meetings, exchange activities, and travel experiences that each of us chronicled through social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.  We presented our reflections and our plan for sharing Japanese culture when we returned at a reporting session with MOFA and JICE officials in Tokyo at the end of the trip.  I would like to thank all who participated in representing DBHS well throughout the entire trip.  All of you conducted yourselves well, compassion and sensitivity to this wonderful culture, and many of you provided formal greetings, presentations, and remarks of appreciation in Japanese when requested.  I'm so proud of all of you.  よくできましたよ!お疲れ様でした!

Deerfield Beach High School participants in the 2019 Kakehashi Exchange Project (in front of Sensoji in Asakusa, Tokyo)