Contact Sensei using the following email address: dbhssensei@gmail.com



NEXT MEETING: Monday, February 26th --- 10th meeting

We will conduct our business meeting, where we will discuss our event planning for the next few months.  Get involved in a committee and be an active member in this very busy time of the year for the club.  Then, we will have a cultural activity to be announced next week.

For more information about the club and a list of meeting dates, click on the tab for CLUB-JNHS.  You can also email the officers at dbhsjapanclub@gmail.com for more information about activities.

Japanese Competitions      日本語大会

Broward District World Language Competition

February 24th (Sat) - Begins at 8:00am - South Broward High School

Students will compete at Levels 1,2 & 4 in Impromptu competition.

AFTJ Florida East Regional/State Japanese Language Competition

April 8th (Sun) - Begins at 1:00pm - University of Miami

We are currently recruiting students to compete at Levels 1,2,3 & 4.  There are many different categories for competition.  Details forthcoming.

National Japan Bowl Competition

April 12th (Th) & 13th (Fr), 2018 - Chevy Chase, MD / Washington, DC

The teams are determined, and we have registered.  We're preparing and planning for our trip in April!

For general information on these competitions, visit the COMPETITIONS page of this site, and let Sensei know you would like to participate.  がんばりましょう!


February Holidays in Japan

Pictured Left (Setsubun Community Festival): 

Setsubun Festival - 節分祭り(せつぶんまつり)-2月3日

A traditional festival celebrating the end of the winter and beginning of spring. Families celebrate by throwing roasted soybeans outside the door to their house to scare away the demons of bad fortune.  When throwing the beans, it is custom for children and adults to shout, "Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi" (Demons out, fortune/happiness in); research further here and the Kids Web Japan site.

Pictured Right (National Foundation Day Ceremony): 

National Foundation Day - 建国記念日(けんこくきねんび) - 2月11日

Celebrated on this day every year, this is a national holiday honoring the establishment of the Japanese nation, centuries ago, with the enthronement of Emperor Jimmu.  This national holiday is intended to foster a sense of national pride and love of the nation; research further on the Office Holidays site and the Kids Web Japan site.

Schedule of Activities & Events



2/20 (T)Japan Bowl Practice

2/21 (W)JNHS Tutoring --- Districts Practice

2/22 (Th)EARLY RELEASE DAY --- No Activities Scheduled

2/23 (F):  No Activities Scheduled

+ 2/24 (Sa): Broward District World Language Competition --- South Broward HS


2/26 (M)Japan Club General Membership Meeting

2/27 (T)Japan Bowl Practice

2/28 (W)JNHS Tutoring for Japanese students

3/1 (Th):  PROFESSIONAL STUDY DAY --- No Activities Scheduled

3/2 (F)No Activities Scheduled


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