Contact Sensei using the following email address: dbhssensei@gmail.com

Not sure whether to study Japanese or another language?  Having difficulty convincing your parents why you should study Japanese?  Consider reading this presentation: "Why study Japanese?"  (A special thanks to Ambassador John R. Malott for use of this presentation he made to the delegation of Japanese teachers at the 2014 National Japan Bowl!)



NEXT MEETING: Monday, May 21st --- FINAL meeting of 2017-2018

We will host our annual Gakunenkai (Academic Year-end Party); all dues-paying members and all those who attended our Showcase may join us, as long as they bring food or drink to contribute to the party.  Please contact the officers or Sensei to let us know what you plan to contribute.

General Minutes from 4/23/2018 - Our Japan Showcase event was a great success!  Thank you to all who contributed their time to organize and present: Aayushi Kini (Calligraphy), Logan Luczek (Ukelele, Japanese Diet Discussion), Bradley Vincent (Yu-Gi-Oh culture), Gabe Wesley (Sports in Japan), Collazo-sensei (Kendo) and a special thanks to Lauren Arnold (Cosplay).  We appreciate all who contributed food and drinks to the event as well!

We also announced the results of our elections for our 2018-2019 Club Officers:

President-elect: Veema Jhagru

Vice President-elect: Ilene Reyes

Secretary-elect: Aayushi Kini

Treasurer-elect: Bradley Vincent

Historian-elect: William Collazo

Sergeant-at-Arms-elect: Leila Plummer

For more information about the club and and to get onto our email list, you can email the officers at dbhsjapanclub@gmail.com for more information.

Looking ahead to 2018-2019...

Japanese National Honor Society Candidates

WE WILL BE ANNOUNCING HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTEES IN CLASSES.  Qualified students in Levels 2, 3 & 4 will be notified in advance.  More information to come.

Kizuna Across Cultures - Global Classmates Program

Last year, and for 3 previous years, our Level 3 & 4 students participated in the 2016-2017 Global Classmates Program sponsored by Kizuna Across Cultures.  We were paired up with Misaki High School in Ehime Prefecture (on Shikoku Island) to discuss a variety of topics of common interest online using Schoology as our platform for exchange.  We exchanged gifts by mail and discussed topics online, ranging from school and community events to slang/buzzword expressions.  The students learned a lot from their peers across the ocean!

Although we did not participate in this program in 2017-2018, we have re-applied for 2018-2019 and will hopefully be accepted.  Announcement to be made later this month.


Golden Week Holidays & Events in Japan

Pictured Upper Left (Emperor Hirohito in Traditional Garments)

Showa Day - 昭和の日(しょうわのひ)- 4月29日

This is a national holiday in Japan that celebrates the birthday and life accomplishments of Emperor Showa (1926-1989), father of the current emperor, and better known by the name, Hirohito.  This holiday kicks off the beginning of "Golden Week."  Find out more on both the Office Holidays website and the Kids Web Japan site.


Pictured Upper Right (Celebratory Flags in Commemoration)

Constitution Memorial Day - 憲法記念日(けんぽうきねんび)- 5月3日

This is a national holiday that commemorates the establishment of the 1947 post-WWII Constitution.  This holiday is part of "Golden Week."  Find out more on both the Office Holidays website and the Kids Web Japan site.

Pictured Lower Left (Garden Landscape)

Greenery Day - 緑の日(みどりのひ)- 5月4日

This is a national holiday that celebrates nature appreciation, and specifically the country's greenery; it is a lot like Arbor Day in the United States.  This holiday is also part of "Golden Week."  Find out more on both the Office Holidays website and the Kids Web Japan site.

Pictured Lower Right ("Koi-nobori" - Carp Streamers/Wind Socks)

Children's Day - 子供の日(子どものひ)- 5月5日

This is a national holiday in Japan that celebrates children's growth, health, and happiness.  This holiday is the last in "Golden Week."  Find out more on both the Office Holidays website and the Kids Web Japan site.

For more information on festivals and school events in May, click here [courtesy of Kids Web Japan]


Schedule of After School Activities & Events


5/14 (M)No Activities Scheduled --- Final Japan Club Meeting on 5/21 (M)

5/15 (T)No Activities Scheduled due to AP Testing

5/16 (W)JNHS Japanese Tutoring

5/17 (Th)No Activities Scheduled

5/18 (F)No Activities Scheduled


5/21 (M)Final Japan Club Meeting --- Gakunenkai (bring your party contribution)

5/22 (T)No Activities Scheduled

5/23 (W): AP Japanese Alternate Exam --- JNHS Japanese Tutoring

5/24 (Th)No Activities Scheduled



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