Contact Sensei using the following email address: dbhssensei@gmail.com

Not sure whether to study Japanese or another language?  Having difficulty convincing your parents why you should study Japanese?  Consider reading this presentation: "Why study Japanese?"  (A special thanks to Ambassador John R. Malott for use of this presentation he made to the delegation of Japanese teachers at the 2014 National Japan Bowl!)



NEXT MEETING: Monday, April 23rd --- 13th meeting

This will be a longer event meeting, lasting as late as 4:30-4:45pm; please stay as long as you can.  We are pleased to host non-members at this meeting for a $5 entrance fee.  The agenda of presentations, demonstrations & activities will soon be posted.  They will include, but are not limited to, a cosplay presentation, a kendo demonstration, and video games.  There will be food to enjoy during the event too!  Members can attend for free, but encourage your friends to attend.  They can pay online via the DBHS e-store or pay in cash at the door that day.  We also plan to announce the results of our officer elections at the Japan Showcase!  Don't miss it!

General Minutes from 4/19/2018 - We conducted our business meeting, where we discussed the election of officers for next year and heard speeches from current members running for office.  All members were given ballots to vote for their chosen candidates.  The results will be announced at the Japan Showcase.  We then met in committees to plan the Showcase event scheduled for the April 23rd meeting.  Make sure to check in with your committee head and bring your items to the Showcase on the 23rd.  ONLY TWO MORE CLUB MEETINGS LEFT!!!

For more information about the club and a list of meeting dates, click on the tab for CLUB-JNHS.  You can also email the officers at dbhsjapanclub@gmail.com for more information about activities.

Japanese Competitions      日本語大会

Broward District World Language Competition

April 21st (Sat) - Begins at 8:00am - South Broward High School

Students will compete at Levels 1,2 & 4 in Impromptu & Declamation competition this coming Saturday.  Wish them luck... がんばってね!

National Japan Bowl Competition

April 12th (Th) & 13th (Fr), 2018 - Chevy Chase, MD / Washington, DC

おつかれさまでした! Congratulations to our 3 teams for a job well done.  Still waiting on final results, but please make it a point to acknowledge these students for their hard work all year in preparation.

Level 2 Team: Leila Plummer (Captain), Renee Cota & Bradley Vincent

Level 3 Team: Ava Gelin (Captain) & Kira Sanders

Level 4 Team: Shonin Ensley (Captain) & Shadya Amodu

For general information on these competitions, visit the COMPETITIONS page of this site, and let Sensei know you would like to participate.  がんばりましょう!


April Holidays & Events in Japan

Pictured at the Top (Cherry Blossoms near Mount Fuji):  April marks the celebrations associated with the blooming of cherry blossoms.  Hanami ("Flower viewing") parties take place all throughout the month, depending on the time of bloom... Follow this year's Sakura Zensen ("Cherry Blossom Front") for 2018.

Pictured Lower Left (Children adorn a Buddhist nativity with flowers)

Buddha's Birthday/Flower Festival - 灌仏会・花祭り(かんぶつえ・はなまつり)- 4月8日

A traditional festival celebrating the birth of the historical Buddha. Flowers, as a symbol of enlightenment, are used for the celebration, which is better known as the Flower Festival.  Research further on the Kids Web Japan site.

Pictured Lower Right (Students seated during a local school entrance ceremony)

School Entrance Ceremony - 入学式(にゅうがくしき)- 2nd Week of the Month

The beginning of April marks the start of the school year in Japan.  The entrance ceremony is an opportunity for students to think about the kind of school year they hope to have and to welcome new students beginning at the school.  Club activities begin with the new school year and offer students creative and physical outlets in their very busy academic lives.  Find out more on the Kids Web Japan site.

Not Pictured Here

Showa Day - 昭和の日(しょうわのひ)- 4月29日

This is a national holiday in Japan that celebrates the birthday and life accomplishments of Emperor Showa (1926-1989), father of the current emperor, and better known by the name, Hirohito.  This holiday kicks off the beginning of "Golden Week."  Find out more on both the Office Holidays website and the Kids Web Japan site.

Schedule of Activities & Events


4/16 (M)Japan Club Officer Meeting --- Showcase Planning

4/17 (T)SUPER SESSION --- FSA Reading/Academic Review --- Early Dismissal

4/18 (W)SUPER SESSION --- FSA Reading/Academic Review --- Early Dismissal

4/19 (Th)Districts Practice

4/20 (F)TUJ College Visit (Period 4 Only) --- No Activities Scheduled

***4/21 (Sa): District World Language Competition at South Broward High School


4/23 (M)Japan Club Cultural Showcase--Demonstrations/Presentations/Activities

4/24 (T)SUPER SESSION --- Math Testing/Academic Review --- Early Dismissal

4/25 (W)SUPER SESSION --- Math Testing/Academic Review --- Early Dismissal

4/26 (Th):  No Activities Scheduled

4/27 (F)No Activities Scheduled


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Click here for the official bell schedules for this academic year