Contact Sensei using the following email address: dbhssensei@gmail.com

Not sure whether to study Japanese or another language?  Having difficulty convincing your parents why you should study Japanese?  Consider reading this presentation: "Why study Japanese?"  (A special thanks to Ambassador John R. Malott for use of this presentation he made to the delegation of Japanese teachers at the 2014 National Japan Bowl!)

Here is Sensei's Story - An Interview that was part of the Summer 2020 "Sensei! Why Japanese?" Project by the Japan Foundation Los Angeles



Please use this website as a central source of information regarding these Japanese and Theory of Knowledge courses.  All course assignments will be posted through our district's Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas, so it will be important for you to check both this website and Canvas regularly for updates and to submit your assignments.

District & School COVID-19 & E-Learning 2021-2022

For a more complete update on the district's directives and preparations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, please click hereWearing masks and social distancing are strongly encouraged for all students, based on BCPS policy and current CDC recommendations.

Important Calendars for Reference:

Here is the 2021-2022 BCPS Calendar (August Update)

Here is the 2021-2022 DBHS Red & Gold Calendar (August Update)

DBHS Bell Schedules for Reference:

(1) Standard RED & GOLD days

(2) Early Release Day Schedule

(3) Professional Study Day Schedule


***Click on the link for the bell schedule on that day.

1/24 (M) - Periods 5-8 - Japan Club Officer Meeting

1/25 (T) - Periods 1-4 - No Activities

1/26 (W) - Period 5-8 - After School Tutoring

1/27 (Th) - Period 1-4 - IB/AP Prep Session(?)

1/28 (F) - Periods 5-8 - No Activities


***Click on the link for the bell schedule on that day.

1/31 (M) - Periods 1-4 - Japan Club Membership Meeting

2/1 (T) - Periods 5-8 - No Activities

2/2 (W) - Periods 1-4 - After School Tutoring

2/3 (Th) - Periods 5-8 - PROFESSIONAL STUDY DAY - No Activities

2/4 (F) - Periods 1-4 - No Activities


Japan Club Update for 2021-2022

We will have our next general membership meeting on Monday, 1/31. The cultural activity is still to be determined.


Japan Trip Updates (Spring 2022 & Spring 2023)

Planned trips for Spring Break of 2022 & 2023:  The March 2022 Trip to Japan is NOW LESS THAN 3 MONTHS AWAY...It isn't too late to consider traveling with us next year too! 

For those of you who need more time to make and save the money needed to pay for a trip to Japan, consider traveling with us during Spring Break of the following year (2023).  I conducted a TEAMS meeting in September of 2021, but if you would like to have access to the details of the tour, please contact me (Sensei) directly via email, and I will give you the link to find out more.

THIS IS A NON-SCHOOL, NON-DISTRICT approved, PRIVATELY organized educational trip, intended for students and family.  EF Tours directs the tour (with travel insurance and add on services), while I help with recruitment, organization, and facilitation of the trip. Contact me directly to find out more about activities, pricing/payments, and scholarship opportunities.

10 days touring Tokyo, Yokohama, Hiroshima, and Osaka!