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Not sure whether to study Japanese or another language?  Having difficulty convincing your parents why you should study Japanese?  Consider reading this presentation: "Why study Japanese?"  (A special thanks to Ambassador John R. Malott for use of this presentation he made to the delegation of Japanese teachers at the 2014 National Japan Bowl!)


Japan Club Meeting

The SECOND meeting of the Japan Club will take place on MONDAY, SEPT. 17th, from 2:40-3:40pm in Room 116 (after the 2 Mondays off from school). 

We are happy to reintroduce ourselves if you missed our 1st meeting in August.  All who are interested in Japanese culture and language are welcome! 

Our meetings always consist of a business and announcements first, then a cultural presentation and/or activity for the rest of the time.  Club membership dues are $15 and you are asked to pay these dues online.  We will give you instructions at our next meeting.  Just come and join us for the fun!  

Kizuna Across Cultures Global Classmates

This year our Level 3 & 4 students are participating in the Global Classmates Program sponsored by Kizuna Across Cultures.  We are paired up with Kunori Gakuen High School in Yamagata Prefecture (in northeastern Japan) to discuss a variety of topics of common interest online using Schoology as our platform for exchange.  We will exchange gifts by mail and discuss a variety of topics online.  We look forward to our students learning a lot from their peers across the ocean.


Schedule of School Activities & Events


* All activities take place in 116 between 2:40-3:40pm unless otherwise noted.

9/17 (M)Japan Club Meeting - *Sensei will not be in Periods 5 & 6 only*

9/18 (T)Japanese Competitions Study Session

9/19 (W):  NO SCHOOL

9/20 (Th)Japanese Tutoring - Sensei & Available Peers

9/21 (F)No Activities Scheduled


* All activities take place in 116 between 2:40-3:40pm unless otherwise noted.

9/24 (M)Japan Club Officers Meeting, 2:40-3:40pm

9/25 (T)Japanese Competitions Study Session, 2:40-3:40pm

9/26 (W)JNHS Tutoring & Japanese Study Session, 2:40-3:40pm

9/27 (Th)No Activities Scheduled - *Sensei will leave right after school*

9/28 (F)No Activities Scheduled - *Sensei will not be in school today*


Click here for the Red(A)/Gold(B) Calendar for this academic year

Click here for the official bell schedules for this academic year



September Holidays & Events in Japan

Pictured Upper Left (Disaster Preparedness drill)

Disaster Preparedness Day - 防災の日(ぼうさいのひ)- 9月1日

Find out more about this observance on the Kids Web Japan site.

Pictured Upper Right (Senior citizens have fun exercising together)

Respect for the Aged Day - 敬老の日(けいろうのひ)- 9月17日

This national holiday is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of September each year; find out more on the Office Holidays website.

Pictured Lower Left (Moon viewing dumplings eaten for the Tsukimi observance)

Tsukimi Festival - 月見祭り(つきみまつり)- 9月24日

This is a festival that takes place all throughout Asia around this time, but find out more about how this is celebrated in Japan on the Kids Web Japan and Savory Japan websites.

Pictured Lower Right (Maple leaves changing color in autumn)

Autumnal Equinox Day - 秋分の日(しゅうぶんのひ)- 9月24日(observed)

Find out more about how this national holiday is celebrated on the Kids Web Japan site.

For more information on festivals and school events during this month, click here for September. [Courtesy of Kids Web Japan]