Generally meets every other Monday (check specific dates below); Our meetings last about one hour from 2:40-3:40pm, unless we have a special event that lasts longer.

LAST MEETING - APRIL 22nd, 2019 (Mon)

++++++++++++Basic minutes from previous meetings++++++++++++

The FINAL meeting of the Japan Club for the year took place on MONDAY, APRIL 22nd.  We had our Gakunenmatsukai, the End of the School Year Party. We had food and games and had a lot of fun!

Our club officers for 2019-2020:

President --- Ilene Reyes

Vice President --- Bryan Chen

Secretary --- Leila Plummer

Treasurer --- Bradley Vincent

Historian --- Aayushi Kini

We wish these officers luck in the coming year!

***3/11/2019 - We announced final spring meeting dates (see below), and explained what would be needed in the planning of our annual showcase on the 4/22.  Ilene provided a short presentation on Girls Day festivities in Japan, and then we created paper dolls for fun to celebrate.

***2/25/2019 - We made announcements and Leila shared a few pictures of her summer karaoke experience in Japan.  We then sang karaoke to songs like "Ue of Muite Arukou" (the "Sukiyaki" Song) and "YMCA" in Japanese.

***2/4/2019 - We conducted planning for the spring and discussed Setsubun and Valentine's Day.

***1/14/2019 - We made important announcements and discussed Japanese folktales, showing animated videos of some of the most famous stories.

***12/10/2018 - Bounenkai - End of the year party celebration --- Food, video games and fun!

***11/26/2018 - We made important announcements, including discussing our Chic-Fil-A Pompano fundraiser on Thursday, 11/29 (5-8pm) and planning for the Bounenkai, and then learned how to use chopsticks and culturally appropriate chopstick etiquette.  We had a lot of fun playing games while moving things with chopsticks!

***10/29/2018 - Halloween Party!!!  We made announcements and then watched the anime, "Spirited Away" to celebrate stories of spirits in Japan.  We ate popcorn, chips, and candy, some of our members cos-played as their favorite characters.  The meeting lasted until 4:45pm, when the movie ended.

***10/15/2018 - We made announcements and then did rajio-taisou warm-up exercises in the classroom.  We continued the meeting outside in the breezeway to play team games to celebrate Sports & Fitness Day and had a lot of fun together.  The meeting lasted until 4:15pm.

***10/1/2018 - We made announcements and then continued the meeting in different sub groups to play different traditional games: kendama, daruma-otoshi, karuta, paper sumo, and jan-ken-pon. The meeting lasted until 3:40pm.

***9/17/2018 - We spent the majority of the meeting in different sub groups learning different arts and crafts, including brush calligraphy, origami (folding paper), sketch drawing, and haiku poem writing.  We had a lot of fun, and the meeting ran until close to 4pm.

General Agenda for business meetings:

- Administrative business - Calendar of events discussion, Membership status

Learn about Japanese Culture - Hands-on Craft Activities, Cultural Presentations, Videos & Stories

- Field Trip planning (i.e. the Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens) or Event planning (Japanese Cultural Showcase)

- Committee task meetings



List of 2018-2019 Meeting Dates:

1st Semester - 8/27, 9/17, 10/1, 10/15, 10/29, 11/26, 12/10 (Bounenkai)

2nd Semester - 1/14, 2/4, 2/25, 3/11, 4/8, 4/22 (Gakunenkai)



Generally meets every week on Wednesdays to offer tutoring for Japanese students; one hour meetings from 2:40-3:40pm.

Qualifications for students in Levels 2, 3 & 4 include:

1) Maintaining a 3.5 GPA in Japanese classes and a 3.0 Overall GPA.

2) Must demonstrate dedication to teaching and learning about Japanese language and culture through a minimum of 10 hours in promotion of Japanese studies (through tutoring peers or active participation in Japan Bowl/Japanese competition or Japan Club, or some equivalent activity)

Our Japanese Honor Society active members are an exclusive, hard working group of students:

Kevin Grant (Grade 12) --- Level 4

Veema Jhagru (Grade 12) --- Level 3

Alex Spirache (Grade 12) --- Level 3

Leila Plummer (Grade 11) --- Level 3

Bradley Vincent (Grade 11) --- Level 3

William Collazo (Grade 10) --- Level 2

Anyone considering membership induction this year (Level 2 and above) are welcome to join us to help with tutoring and competition preparation.